Messaging App for companies.

Messaging App
for companies.

O imMail provides to your company its own Instant Messaging Service, formalizing instant communication e making it more safety, efficient and organized.

Why should your company needs
to formalize instant communication?

Personal instant messaging applications are not offered or maintained by the company and therefore should not be used for professional purposes.
The data that is transacted in non-contracted applications is not under the control of the company, which ends up generating an escape of institutional data to an environment that is not controlled by the institution.

There is no control over an App that was not contracted for the company, therefore, does not follow audit, security and compliance rules.

Using external applications for corporate purposes is the same as establishing personal e-mail as the company’s official communication channel.

Take control of your institutional communication using your company's instant messaging application

Why switch your professional communication to imMail?

Standard & Control

Manage, control and audit your employees’ instant communication


Integrate imMail with your in-house systems and promote organizational transformation


Use imMail in our scalable and secure cloud or in your infrastructure

Security & Compliance

According to company security and compliance rules

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